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 +====== Welcome to the Linux-NTFS Wiki ======
 +The goals of the Linux-NTFS project are to develop reliable and full feature access to NTFS by the [[driver|Linux kernel driver]], and by a [[ntfsmount|user space filesystem]],​ and to provide a wide [[ntfsprogs|collection of NTFS utilities]] and a [[libntfs|developer'​s library]] for [[http://​www.linux-ntfs.org/​content/​view/​21/​40/​|other]] [[http://​www.gnu.org/​copyleft/​gpl.html|GPL]]ed programs.
 +We have achieved already a lot, with high quality results.
 +===== Documentation Pointers: =====
 +This wiki is mainly intended to provide end users with quick help. If you want to know what our utilities or the driver do, how to use them or how to build them, you have come to the right place. If you are instead looking for technical ntfs documentation or if you want access to the developer resources, follow this link back to the main site: **[[http://​www.linux-ntfs.org/​|http://​www.linux-ntfs.org]]**.
 +Here are some good entry points to the documentation:​
 +  * **[[ntfs-en|The extensive Linux-NTFS FAQ]]**.
 +  * [[ntfsprogs|Ntfsprogs:​ a collection of NTFS utilities]].
 +  * [[http://​man.linux-ntfs.org/​|Manual pages of the NTFS utilities]].
 +  * [[Status|Current project status]], and the more detailed [[driverroadmap|Driver Roadmap]].
 +  * [[howto:​howto|HowTo documents]].
 +  * [[driver|Linux kernel NTFS driver]].
 +  * [[libntfs|Libntfs:​ developer'​s NTFS library]].
 +  * [[todo:​todo|TODO list]].
 +  * [[polls|Web-site poll results]].
 +  * [[contrib|Contributed Software]].
 +===== Other Wiki Links: =====
 +  * [[members|Project members]].
 +  * [[ntfs-3g]].
 +===== Latest News: =====
 +===ntfsprogs 1.13.1 released:​===
 +| **[2006-06-21 02:25]** Time for another release. Many bug fixes and enhancements so update is strongly recommended. [[http://​sourceforge.net/​forum/​forum.php?​forum_id=583717|Read More >>]]|
 +===ntfsprogs 1.13.0 released:​===
 +| **[2006-02-27 01:56]** The long awaited release. Lots of enhancements and fixes across the board. See the changelog for details but a few notable changes are that mkntfs now creates NTFS 3.1 (Windows XP) volumes by default and that ntfsmount can deal with symbolic links and device files. [[http://​sourceforge.net/​forum/​forum.php?​forum_id=544677|Read More >>]]|
 +===ntfsprogs 1.12.1 released:​===
 +| **[2005-10-10 06:25]** This is a quick followup to 1.12.0 which fixes the location of mkfs.ntfs and mount.ntfs-fuse to be in /sbin. [[http://​sourceforge.net/​forum/​forum.php?​forum_id=502012|Read More >>]]|
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