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DokuWiki with MySQL-support

DokuWiki for sure is one of the best wikis out there. It is feature-rich, good-looking and has easy to read phpcode - and it is based on file storage. Therefore you can only use it, if your webserver can create files and directories on your webspace. But since many people have only limited file access but instead quite good database-support, I wanted to make dokuwiki available them too. Since quite a lot of webspace-providers don't allow server file write access, but instead offer you a database, I added MySQL support to dokuwiki.

If you are interrested in using dokuwiki with mysql, you should contact me via email. This project needs a litle more work (that I'm not investing right now due to other projects) - but you might convince me… :-) .

This is still work in progress, see below for know bugs!

First want to see what it does and how well it works? You can test the newest available version at

The official dokuwiki homepage is at


You can also download a first, unstable version of DokuWiki with MySQL-support (based on dokuwiki-2005-7-13 from http://www.splitbrain.org/projects/dokuwiki) here:

In case of problems please contact me.

Known Bugs:

You found a new bug? Please email me!

  • currently there are no image-links supported :-(
  • After some small changes in the code I introduced a new bug, that causes the wiki template to not show up correctly.
  • Under some circumstances, the new bug might even crash the php-interpreter.


To install, do the following:

  • Unpack the DokuWiki-Archive
  • Install the supplied install.sql on your MySQL-Server (f.e. by using phpMyAdmin)
  • Edit conf/dokuwiki.php to suit your needs (important: set all mysql-options like username and database)
  • Copy the complete Wiki to your webserver (probably via ftp)
  • Done. The wiki should now appear in your browser once you point it to your domain.
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