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A short Funambol HowTo

Funambol Installation

cd /root/funambol/
wget -c -t 0 http://www.funambol.com/opensource/download_response.php?file_id=${VERSION}.bin
chmod 755 ./${VERSION}.bin
# Directory to extract Funambol [/opt] <return to accept>? 
# /home/www/marssoft.de/funambol-6.5.14
# Do you want to start the server? [yes or no] 
# yes

To automate the server start process, do

cp /home/www/marssoft.de/funambol-6.5.14/Funambol/tools/bin/funambol.sh /etc/init.d/funambol
perl -pi -e 's/BUNDLE_HOME=.*/BUNDLE_HOME=\/home\/www\/marssoft.de\/funambol-6.5.14\/Funambol/g' /etc/init.d/funambol
ln -s '../init.d/funambol' /etc/rc3.d/S30funambol

Optional: Configure the PIM listener:

cd /home/www/marssoft.de/funambol-6.5.14/Funambol/
nano ./pim-listener/config/com/funambol/pimlistener/PIMListenerConfiguration.xml

Check status

cd /home/www/marssoft.de/funambol-6.5.14/Funambol/

./pim-listener/bin/pimlistener.sh status
./ctp-server/bin/ctpserver.sh status


To administrate the Funambol server, do

cd /home/www/marssoft.de/funambol-6.5.14/Funambol/admin/
# Click login.
# Note: the default user name is "admin" and the default password is "sa"

The rest is highlighted only shortly here:

  • re-set the admin password (double-click Users, search for admin)
    • Log out, log back in
  • Enter the servers domain and port

Sony Ericsson

With specific notes for Sony Ericsson W910i

  • After turning your phone on, verify that it has a live Web connection (linking with the browser to http://www.google.de for example).
  • Locate and open the Sync options: Menu → Settings → Connections → Sync
  • Create a new sync profile.
  • When the following fields (or their counterparts) appear, make the needed profile entries:
  • Applications: Contacts, Calendar and Notes
  • Application-Settings, verify the following.:
    • Contacts Phonebook: Should display the notation “card”
    • Calendar Datebook: Should display the notation “cal”
    • Notes: Should display the notation “note”
  • Advanced:
    • Sync-Intervall: off
    • Connect from any Network
    • Protected Connection: Off
    • Remote Initialization: Ask
    • Remote Security: leave empty
  • Save this new SyncML connection.

Your phone is ready for synchronizing.

Mozilla Synchronization

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