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Android Linux Guides

Compiling / debugging / working with several software projects

  • Kompilieren / Installieren kleiner Tools: usrcompile
  • Kompilieren / Installieren der Bildverarbeitungs-Software: compile
  • Kompilieren / Installieren von wxWidgets unter Windows: compile-installer
  • Erstellen eigener trees mit den autotools autotools (Ich hasse autotools :-\ )
  • Einige Beobachtungen zu HDF5 chunking

Windows Stuff

  • win_setup: How I set up my Windows Vista x64 to work better
  • cygwin_setup: Cygwin installation and basic configuration Guide

Linux Power Management

Linux Sound with multiple output Devices

Shiny Desktop Effects: Compiz

Linux Network Interfaces

Funambol Installation

  • funambol: Scratch notes about funambol

Bluetooth Cellphone/Computer

  • bluetooth_cell: Scratch notes about connecting the cellphone to the computer via bluetooth


Was tun bei Hardware-Updates?

  • Its a good idea to frequently check the following settings after system updates: linux_system_updates

Fun with VMWare

  • VMWare sollte für den Guest ein NAT bereitstellen. Eigentlich wäre ein bridged Network schöner, aber dazu bräuchte man eine IP mehr. Deshalb muss es halt ein NAT tun.

NAT-Einstellungen um Verbindungen vom Host and den VMWare-guest weiterzuleiten:


Und dann habe ich manchmal Probleme mit der VMWare…

export VMWARE_DEBUG="yes"
nano /usr/lib/vmware/net-services.sh
/etc/init.d/vmware restart

The solution was to install and configure firewall:

Linux Firewalls


aptitude install scroot

nano /etc/default/schroot

# Mario Emmenlauer, 2009.1.12
# End sessions, do not recover them

Software-Lizenzen und Rechte:



DNS-Caching aufsetzen:

Eine gute Debian Paketliste (für einen kompletten install per debootstrap):


Eine gute Ubuntu Paketliste (für einen kompletten install per debootstrap):


How to install CentOS in a chroot (on a Debian-based Distro):

Gaim-Einstellungen unter Windows:

Um gaim 2.0 unter Windows das 'beepen' per PC-Speaker beizubringen, kann man in der Datei:

C:\Documents and Settings\User\Application Data\.gaim

die Einstellung 'method' von 'automatic' auf 'beep' setzen:

  <pref name='sound'>
    <pref name='method' type='string' value='beep'/>

In Firefox, open a blank tab, and type


In the filter field, type


This will show a list of protocols handled by Firefox. You may or may not see the ed2k protocol in the list. If it's there, it would look something like network.protocol-handler.external.ed2k. The protocol is probably not there, though, in which case you'll need to add it. First create a Boolean protocol, then a String protocol.

To create the configuration setting, right-click on any item in the list and select New > Boolean. In the preference name, type


and set the value to true. This tells Firefox to use an external program to handle the ed2k URL.

Next, create a new string item by right-clicking anywhere on the list and selecting New > String. In the preference name, type


and in the value field, type the path to the program you want to use for that protocol (e.g.


Do not use the parenthesis or the punctuation mark following the closing parenthesis.

Finally, create the wrapper script that will log the call and actually start emule with the uri parameter:


echo "wine \"/scratch/wineWin/Program Files/eMule/emule.exe\" \"$1\"" >> $LOG 2>&1
wine "/scratch/wineWin/Program Files/eMule/emule.exe" "$1" >> $LOG 2>&1

Mount LVM volumes

To mount LVM2 volumes from a rescue system, the following steps might be required (based on Ubuntu Karmic Koala (9.10):

sudo fdisk -l
ls -la /dev/mapper/
sudo aptitude update
sudo aptitude install lvm2
sudo lvm lvscan
sudo lvm vgchange -a y
ls -la /dev/mapper/
sudo mkdir /mnt/vg_local-lv_root
sudo mount /dev/mapper/vg_local-lv_root /mnt/vg_local-lv_root

File system check on Truecrypt devices

To check the filesystem on Truecrypt containers, you can use the following steps:

  • mount the filesystem(s) with Truecrypt, by mounting the containers
  • unmount the devices from the mount point, i.e. sudo umount /media/truecrypt*
  • check the devices individually, i.e. sudo fsck.ext3 /dev/mapper/truecrypt<NR>
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