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Android Setup on HTC Desire

Rooting the Device

Rooting is fairly easy, and can be done from mostly any operating system:

Making a NAND backup

For the backup, you can use ClockworkMod application. There are multiple ways to use ClockworkMod:

  • Not Recommended: Using Rom Manager:
    • I installed Rom Manager, which is an Android application
    • In Rom Manager, select “Install ClockworkMod”, and select “HTC Desire”: It will install version
    • Then select “ROM Backup”, and use the default name. The phone will reboot and do the backup automatically
    • Note: I used the guide here: Perform and Restore a Nandroid backup
    • Problem: My phone went into a Reboot Cycle until I took out the battery and restored the latest backup
  • Recommended: Using ClockworkMod from HBOOT
    • Reboot your phone manually, and during boot hold down the “Volume-Down” key
    • Choose “Recovery” on the HBOOT console
    • Manually do the backup from ClockworkMod (that comes preinstalled with unrevoked3).

Using Alpharev to S-OFF the device

To be continued…

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