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Tuesday, 26th January 2021 10:24:17 (GMT+1) 
Gameserver-Guide finished

For those of you who know (and love) Joint Operations, I wrote down my experiences with setting up a Joint Ops gameserver. On Linux, of course. And - yes, it works fine 8-) As progress goes, I also have some usefull infos on Windows-Hosting, so check it out anyways.

Aaargh couldn't stand it any longer

So I couldn't stand it any longer, and upgraded to a bigger Server. Found a sponsor, too ;-) . By the way: Debian testing is the choice now, after I got severe glibc-errors (like glibc detected corrupted double-linked list: 0x08942360, when upgrading only glibc and not the rest of the system from stable to testing).

linux-ntfs.org moved to new server

Now that the new webserver is completely installed and running smoothly for months now, I moved the linux-ntfs.org website here. It turns out that a 1.2 Ghz Celeron is just able to cope with the load - luckily we don't have more users :-) I wonder how long I'll leave the server 'underpowered' like this, it feels itchy in the stomach…

Looking for a new webserver

Well, not that the current one at Alturo wouldn't be great, but, you know: bigger better faster more? Anyways, I had a chat with someone from NGZ and asked them for cheap hosting, and he jumped right into my face! Seems they don't earn much there, because he was really on edge 8-O . So I guess we stick with alturo a little longer! 8-)

New website engine

I got a new website engine up and running, it's based on dokuwiki. While it was quite a lot of work to get the old template adjusted, the wiki should make it up to me - by making editing these pages like a breeze. :-)

New webserver

well, actually its also the first real webserver I got, since all other sites have been hosted. But for the last two months now I've been setting up my own server with apache, proftp and of course imap-mail.

DokuWiki with MySQL-Support

The first (still unstable!) version of DokuWiki with MySQL-Support is finished, and can be downloaded from my DokuWiki page. If you want to test it first, there is also a public installation available: http://sqlwiki.marssoft.de/. Try it, and write me an email if you experience problems.

DivX Setup Guide finished

data.marssoft.de_divx.jpg The first DivX setup guide is now finished as well. It's for now only good for high quality movie encoding, but I will add a section on how to capture using DivX later. For now the guide uses settings in order to achieve best video quality while leaving out all options that would only increase encoding time. I used the 'The Official DivX Guide' from their homepage http://www.divx.com/support/guides/, please read it yourself if you want to know (a lot) more about mp4.

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