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Sunday, 28th February 2021 07:09:40 (GMT+1) 
Server Down

My server has been hacked, and has been taken offline. Bloody script kiddies!

XuvTools - extend your view toolkit

The XuvTools have a new domain: http://www.xuvtools.org/. It is just redirecting to the website software of the chair of Pattern Recognition from the University Freiburg. But the domain is much simpler to type, isn't it? :-D

Long time no see

There is not much news lately as I spend all my time staring bored at my computer science scripts. You guessed it - Exams time again, those very fine days with zero sleep and 100 percent adrenaline :-)

Forum and phpBB-mod

Want to post that you've been here first? You can at http://forum.marssoft.de/. Don't bother anyone reading it, I use the forum only for mod-dvelopment and will prune all posts after 7 days :-)

And BTW: Check out my 'confirmation-mod' for phpBB at the software-projects-page.

Whooohow X2 rocks

Did I mention? X2 rocks!

Update: Well, for Gentoo-users compile time is quite important. Since I use the system for work, I got myself an Amd X2, and see for yourself:

Debian-Kernel 2.6.16 on K8-3500+Same, now on K8-X2-3800+Same, now compiled in RAM
real 18m31sreal 11m17sreal 10m30s
user 15m27suser 8m33suser 8m01s
sys 1m22ssys 0m55ssys 0m50s

BTW: to compile in ram, use this (512 should be ok, it's a max-size):

mount -ttmpfs tmpfs /var/tmp -osize 512M
Funny Videos

Ok Ok I know, usually people force you to watch some hundred funny videos and you think: didn't that stop when I burned daddys photo-slides? But these are really worth your time, I swear :-)

New remote server installation guide

While setting up a raid on my new server, I wrote down what I did. Might be usefull if you never set up debian on a raid fully from the recovery-console. At least it might do some good as a copy-paste solution to get started quickly. Maybe it's a good start for my 'remote Windows installation guide', too. Recommendations welcome.

Google-Search php-API using nuSOAP

For one of the websites I'm hosting there was the need to make a good search interface, that would cover the CMS, the wiki and the forum as well. For these tasks, the Google API comes in handy: you can easily access google search from within many programming languages, including php. Actually, the version you can find on my Google-Search from php-page is based on an open version from Dan Karran, I just enhanced it by several new features.

Detailed Website-Statistics [Update]

In case you are curious (as I am) who is browsing these pages, you may find the statistics pages interesting: http://data.marssoft.de/httpstats/. Well, guess there are only searchbots showing up every once in a while, but we'll see :-)

Update: made them stats internal pages, privacy is important!

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