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Installing Visual Studio 2005 Express Edition

  • select the Packages:
    • “Graphical IDE”
    • “MSDN 2005 Express Edition”
  • select “C:\visualstudio8\” as Path
  • continue with Service Pack 1, then also go to Microsoft Update.

Installing Visual Studio Service Pack 1

Urgendly needed, contains many fixes and updates.

Windows Server 2003 R2 Platform SDK

This Platform SDK (also called “Windows SDK”) is needed for x64 development.

  • select “Custom Installation”
  • select “C:\platformsdk2003r2\” for install-path
  • deselect the packages (unless you want them):
    • “Microsoft Tablet PC SDK”,
    • “Microsoft Web Workshop SDK”,
    • “Microsoft Internet Information Server SDK”,
    • “Microsoft Data Access Services SDK”,
    • “Microsoft Windows Installer SDK”

Configuring Visual Studio to use 64 Bit

There are several things to do:

  • Start the x64 console from the Start Menu:
    • Start → Programs → Microsoft Platform SDK for Windows Server 2003 R2 → Open Build Environment Window → Windows XP 64-bit Build Environment → Set Windows XP x64 Build Environment (Retail)
  • cd to “C:\visualstudio8\Common7\IDE\”
  • run VCExpress.exe /useenv
  • right-click on the project, choose “Properties”
  • at C/C++ → Preprocessor → Preprocessor Definitions, change WIN32 to WIN64
  • at Linker → Input → Additional Dependencies, set “/MACHINE:AMD64 bufferoverflowU.lib”
  • at Linker → Advanced → Target Machine, set “Not Set”
  • now you should be able to build and run the 64bit Application
    • (Check in Task Manager, if there is a “* 32” after the Apps name)

.NET Framework 2.0 Software Development Kit

DirectX SDK

This package is optional.

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