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 +=====SSH listening on non-std port=====
 +From http://​hints.macworld.com/​article.php?​story=20050707140439980
 +You can easily just add an entry to /​etc/​services such as ssh2, pointing to a second port (or using an existing services entry that isn't being listened too), then modify the ssh.plist file to use that entry for SockServiceName. By doing so, sshd will only listen to that port, yet leaving ssh client activity unaffected. So, in my case, I added the following to /​etc/​services:​
 +  ssh2              10022/​udp ​
 +  ssh2              10022/tcp
 +Next I modified my /​System/​Library/​LaunchDaemons/​ssh.plist,​ changing the SockServiceName lines from what's shown above to this:
 +  <​key>​SockServiceName</​key>​
 +  <​string>​ssh2</​string>​
 =====Use /home/ for symlinks to real home directory===== =====Use /home/ for symlinks to real home directory=====
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