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Howto run a Joint Operations-Server

Minimum Server requirements:

You cannot go below these requirements, no matter what you do. Joint Ops just won't run.

  • CPU: 32 Players: Celeron 1200 or better, 64 Players: Celeron 2000 or better.
  • RAM: minimum: 512MB, recommended: 1024MB.
  • Graphics Card: no special Hardware required.
  • Traffic:
    • medium usage: 32 Players 250 GB/month, 64 Players 500 GB/month.
    • high usage (incl. TS): 32 Players 800 GB/month, 64 Players 2000 GB/month.

Hosting on Windows:

Hosting on Linux:

Why Linux? Because its more stable, more reliable, and servers are (way) cheaper to rent. Also, it provides better performance and also better automation, like sending you an email (or even a short message, sms) in case the game crashes.

  • Cheaper:
    • most dedicated servers cost additional 10.- to 15.- Euro for Windows Server Edition.
  • better automation:
    • via cron and scripts, you can control your linux-server completely.
    • make your own scripts that send you an email whenever something unexpected happens on the server.
  • more stable:
    • linux runs for years without rebooting, even if applications crash.

There are several ways to achieve the same goal (hosting Joint Operations), choose the one which best suits your needs:

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