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Running Joint Operations on Linux (using Cedega)


Installation Instructions:

  • As root, install cedega: (Cedega is a MS Windows emulator for Linux)
    • (example: debian) dpkg -i ./cedega-5.1.i386.deb
    • check that the mount point of the users home directory has the 'exec'-option enabled:
    • f.e.: /dev/sda6 /home ext3 defaults,exec 0 1
  • As root, install vnc-server: (vnc server is a remote desktop for Linux, so you can see the games menus, and set up hosting)
    • (example: debian) apt-get install vnc4server
    • download my startXvnc.sh and stopXvnc.sh-scripts and store them somewhere on your server (/root/bin/ is a good place).
    • add an Xvnc password using 'vncpasswd'
    • make cedega the default application that is started by the vncserver, by issuing 'echo “cedega” > /root/.vnc/xstartup' and 'chmod 750 /root/.vnc/xstartup'
  • Log in via vnc rather than ssh now:
    • download and install a vnc-client for your home desktop.
    • login to your vncserver using the servers ip, and the port '5900+screen number'
    • f.e.: myserver.com:5901
  • As root, install your local copy of cedega:
    • run 'cedega' (or log into the vnc server, so that cedega is run for you)
    • accept all license agreements and select all available updates (MS Core Fonts, …)
    • After installing, quit and restart cedega (or stop and restart the vnc server)
  • Change cedegas defaut profile:
    • in the menu, select 'edit' - 'configuration profiles'
    • select the default profile, and choose 'edit'
    • First Tab:
      • set the Windows version to 'Win98'
      • disable: XVid Mode, XRandR, Mozilla Control and FreeType
      • enable: DXGrab, Managed, Decrease Priority, Accelerated Comm.
      • add Command Line Option: '/w /serveonly /exp jox01'
    • Second Tab:
      • use Audio OSS, set both devices to '/dev/zero'
    • Third Tab:
      • Video Ram (MB): 32
      • AGP Vertex Data (MB): 32
      • enable: Pixel Shaders (1.1), Vertex Shaders, Clip Space Fix and Frame Buffer Objects
      • disable: NV_VAR, ARB_VBO, Fixed GL Extensions and Anisotropic Filtering
  • Install Joint Operations Typhoon Rising:
    • in cedega, click the 'Install'-icon (Tip: use a short name like 'JO')
    • select the 'setup.exe' from the 'JOTR'-directory on the cdrom.
    • start the installation, enter your key, choose PunkBuster, finish the installation (Tip: use also a short folder name, like 'C:/JO/')
  • Install Joint Operations Escalation: (if you have it)
    • in cedega, right-click on 'JO' and choose 'Add Icon', name it 'Escalation Installer', select the 'setup.exe' from the 'JOE'-directory on the cdrom.
    • start the installation by clicking 'Play' on the 'Escalation Installer'-icon
    • enter your key, finish the installation.
    • Tip: if the installation isn't working (stops at the update step), just copy a complete Joint Operations-directory including Escalation from Windows to your Joint Ops folder.
  • Update Joint Operations: (You cannot update from within the game, thats broken)
    • Download the newest update for the game from the novaworld website.
    • copy the update to your cedegas 'C:' directory.
    • f.e.: cp jo_update_101705_xx.exe ~/.cedega/JO/c_drive/
    • in cedega, right-click on 'JO' and choose 'Add Icon', name it 'JO Update'. As program, choose the updater (f.e. jo_update_101705_xx.exe).
    • start the update, it should show some progress and then finish.
    • Optional: remove the update directory (f.e.: ~/cedega/JO/c_drive/JO/update)
  • Link Joint Operations:
    • in cedega, right-click on 'JO' and choose 'new Icon', name it 'JO'. As program, choose the Jointops.exe (f.e.: ~/.cedega/JO/c_drive/JO/Jointops.exe)
  • Optional: remove the background videos, to save space and graphics power.
    • To remove the menu background videos, just delete all '*.bik' files.
    • f.e.: find ~/.cedega/JO/ -iname '*.bik' -exec rm \{\} \;
  • Install SwiftShader:

Thats all. If you got until here, you're all set. Whats left? Start the thing like this:

Starting the Game

  • (If not already done) as root, start the vnc server on your server using my 'startXvnc.sh'
  • (If not already done) download and install a vnc-client for your home computers.
  • use the vnc-client and connect to your server: <your-domain>:5901
  • You should see cedega, choose Joint Ops and click 'Play'
  • You should see the game, set it up for hosting, and welcome to your linux server!

Known Bugs and Limitations

  • If your game crashes writing 'Sysdump.txt saved', you could just drop the Command Line Parameters '/w /serveonly'. This will cause more cpu-usage, but the game won't crash anymore.

+ working maps:

These maps are know to work (as of Cedega 5.1):

  • AS: Tenaga Delta
  • AS: Cold Water Gap
  • AS: Kombang Valley
  • AS: Palu Cut Rice Paddies
  • AS: Karo Highlands
  • AS: Lapa Lapa Archipelago
  • AS: Straits of Malacca
  • AS: Twin Islands
  • AS: Dorman Volcano Island

- non-working maps:

Some maps don't work on Cedega/Linux. This should be a complete listing (as of Cedega 5.1):

  • : Currently none known
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