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 ==== Dokuwiki Multi-Site Install ==== ==== Dokuwiki Multi-Site Install ====
- * Idea and guide originally taken from: https://​www.dokuwiki.org/​farms+  ​* Idea and guide originally taken from: https://​www.dokuwiki.org/​farms 
 +  * For upgrades, download Dokuwiki from https://​download.dokuwiki.org/​ 
 +    * Select Languages '​en'​ and '​de'​ 
 +    * Select Plugins '​Upgrade',​ '​Wrap',​ '​Video',​ and '​Gallery'​ 
 +    * Unpack, rename and re-pack the download to dokuwiki-2017-02-19e.tar.gz
 Instructions:​ Instructions:​
 <​code>​ <​code>​
 mkdir -p /​home/​www/​www-mario-common mkdir -p /​home/​www/​www-mario-common
-# download dokuwiki-2014-09-29a-hrun-engl.tgz to the webserver +tar -xzf dokuwiki-dokuwiki-2017-02-19e.tar.gz 
-tar -xzf dokuwiki-2014-09-29a-hrun-engl.tgz +rm -f dokuwiki-current 
-mv dokuwiki ​dokuwiki-2014-09-29a-hrun-engl +ln -s dokuwiki-dokuwiki-2017-02-19e dokuwiki-current
-ln -s dokuwiki-2014-09-29a-hrun-engl dokuwiki-current+
 cd /​home/​www/​www-mario-common/​dokuwiki-current cd /​home/​www/​www-mario-common/​dokuwiki-current
 mv -iv ./​inc/​preload.php.dist ./​inc/​preload.php ​ mv -iv ./​inc/​preload.php.dist ./​inc/​preload.php ​
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